Seed Stitcher PRO DOUBLE

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The revolutionary Seed Stitcher Pro Double Lets you cover ground a little faster with twice the span as the Seed Stitcher Pro.  Its ready to work in your landscape business!  You'll be a hero as you solve problem areas in lawns, golf courses, commercial properties and resorts. It truly is the fastest easiest way to repair lawns and turf. Forget lugging around top soil and digging out dead grass.

The Stitcher Pro Double punches right through existing thatch or mulch and provide the perfectly shaped hole to receive and nurture your seeds.  Simply roll the double heads of the Seed Stitcher over existing dead thatch. The handy foot brace allows you to use your foot strength at just the right angle.  Sprinkle in your grass seed and water in. The seed falls right into the holes protecting it from birds while it germinates. Water as needed during germination. 

BONUS.. the Seed Stitcher is perfect for creating fantastic flower beds and borders! You can even use it over mulch.  It works fantastic for dense vegetable crops like lettuce too!

The Seed Stitcher Pro Double FEATURES  the optional second  head as standard Equipment! Go Pro.. and Stitch Sow and Grow!  

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