About Enroot Products

Enroot Products is an innovator within the Home and Garden industry. The Seed Stitcher line brought us to the forefront of professional turf repair and easy flower/garden bed and border seeding. It was an instant hit with professional lawn care companies and homeowners alike.

Spongease compact coco coir potting soil brings a well known professional growing media to consumers in convenient retail packaging. Garden centers can now introduce the magical expanding coir potting mix to their customers in easy-to try sizes. Home gardeners love the convenience of purchasing a quality home potting soil in a compact, easy to store package that readily expands to usable quantities!

The RootEase line of root pruning fabric pots, make gardening anywhere, even on roof tops, balconies, and rocky unproductive soil... easier, faster and better! Just open, fill and plant!

Live Mulch coupled with the Seed Stitcher, or used on it's own, creates instant borders of colorful flowers in blends that please all!

The GreenEase microgreen pads and kits give home growers a quick easy option for growing their own microgreens at home. Some of our customers are even using our microgreen kits commercially, and delivering live growing greens to their restaurant chefs.

For wholesale purchasing information, please contact us using the form on the contact us page.

More innovations sure to follow! Stay with us!

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