Live Mulch Hot Dots (Calendula)

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Enroot's Live Mulch "Hot Dots" blend will knock you over with the vibrant yellows & oranges of the calendula flower.  We blend calendula flower seeds with our proprietary blend of growing media. This blending process ensures consistent seed distribution which also protects & nourishes your seeds as they germinate, helping them grow into a beautiful bed of flowers that will be the envy of your neighbors! Your Hot Dots Live Mulch will grow fast to a height of 20 to 24" & can take part shade to full sun. It will grow in any USDA zone. Keep moist while germinating & water as needed when mature. By the way, the live mulch Hot Dot's blend works great with Enroot's Seed Stitcher!  Let the Stitcher punch right through existing mulch or dead grass to establish the planting holes you need for seeding your garden bed. Hot Dots will cover about 100 sf with fantastic fiery orange color! Get your garden growing with Live Mulch "Hot Dots" today!