GreenEase 10 Pack Jute Micro Green Seed Pads

GreenEase 10 Pack Jute Micro Green Seed Pads

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Now OMRI Listed for Organic Use!

Easy to grow micro greens can add a new dimension to your diet. Not only are they healthy, they are delicious in salads, on sandwiches, they are beautiful as a garnish for any dish.

GreenEase Jute Micro Green Pads The natural Jute fiber pads we use for our GreenEase products are the perfect base on which to start your microgreens. The jute pads absorb and retain the moisture your tiny jewels need to sprout and thrive in the short time from sprout till harvest! Plus, they are not soil based so they are cleaner. You won't have dirt you have to wash off of your micros. Just harvest with scissors. When your crop is complete, the pads are compostable.  

You'll find them here in two sizes: 10x20 inches for standard 10x20 nursey trays. Also we offer 10x10 pads. You can use 2 in one tray if you are growing two separate varieties, or, find 10x10 trays to fit them.  

If you've bought microgreens in the past, one thing you probably noticed is they are very expensive, and  very  delicate.  If you grow your own, you save money because you can harvest only what you need at one time, and leave the tray to keep growing.  Once you start growing them, you'll find them to be one of the fastest, easiest, and successful crops you can grow! 

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