ONE Real Mistletoe Preserved Longer Lasting

ONE Real Mistletoe Preserved Longer Lasting

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Mistletoe decoration includes ONE real mistletoe tied with a red holiday bow and is ready to hang.

From Ancient times of Druids and Norse mythology the Mistletoe was supposed to bring good will.

In Medieval England it was thought anyone who comes to the house can kiss the women of the house under the Mistletoe and this is a sign of goodwill and that the person comes in friendship and brings no ill-will to the family.

Guests at holiday parties, weddings and other festive occasions then played kissing games beneath the mistletoe and a kiss beneath the decoration was said to bring good luck and everlasting friendship.

Warning: Not for Consumption. Keep away from children and pets.

·       Celebrate your Holiday with Candy Cane Wishes, Mistletoe Kisses

·       Make your Holiday Party come alive with the Real Mistletoe!

·       Watch your family and friends come together and have some fun!

·       We hang mistletoe as a sign of goodwill and to steal a kiss or two. Many a romance was started under a mistletoe branch.

·       Original Mistletoe gathered and treated to preserve long life!!