Spongease 100 Count Coir Seed Starting Pellet 3 cm

Spongease 100 Count Coir Seed Starting Pellet 3 cm

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SpongEase, The Perfect Potting Soil is made from the pith and fiber of coconut husks. It is washed multiple times too remove any excess natural salts to achieve near neutral PH level and then dried and compressed for easy shipping. All it takes is water to expand SpongEase into the perfect potting soil. This is the exact coco coir product that professional growers around the world use for many crops including vegetables, fruits, berries, landscape plants, roses and more. The power of coir growing media is now available to home owners.

GROW ANY PLANT: It has a near neutral PH, so any type of plants can be grown. The Coco Fiber enable absorption of more nutrients applied as recommended by the grower.

ROOT HEALTH: You'll be amazed at the quantity of soil produced by this convenient tile of coconut coir growing media. It's light, fluffy and will provide vital oxygen to the roots of your plants. The Root easily take hold grow faster.

WATER ABSORPTION & RETAINING: Sponge-like properties of coconut fiber will absorb up to 10 times its weight in water. SpongEase fibers are unique microscopic tubes that fill then allow excess water to pass through. This creates air space, providing vital oxygen to plant roots. Increased oxygen and great drainage means less over watering problems, the #1 reason for plant failure. BIO DEGRADABLE: Natural SpongEase organic potting soil is made from renewable coconut husks, an abundant resource.

PLEASE NOTE: SpongEase is an inert natural fiber containing minimal nutrients. For best results add fertilizer or mix with compost to feed your plants.



  • Premium Coconut Coir Growing Pellets are designed for Eco-Friendly starting kits and will expand to fill most 100 seed starter tray
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    • Brand Name: EnRoot Products LLC