Instant Raised Bed Gardens - Grow Anything!

Quick Raised Bed Garden NO Construction! 

If the idea of a raised bed garden that takes no construction and no tilling,appeals to you,  our RootEase Instant garden beds are for you.  Our Big 100, 200 and 400 gallon garden beds, give you an instant raised bed garden, easy for anyone to tend without having to lean or kneel  to the ground.

RootEase Instant beds are the perfect depth for a multitude of crops. Even if you have frustrating growing conditions, like rocky ground or poor soil, you can still have a stellar garden because you have total control of what soil or soilless growing media you add to them. These instant beds can be set right on top of that poor soil, rocky ground, grass or cement too. You can even grow on rooftops. You'll be growing bigger faster and better before you know it! 

Start with one, or get a few for maximum vegetable production. An arrangement like the one to the left can provide serious quantities of healthy homegrown produce for a whole family.   RootEase beds will grow food for you in any sunny spot.  You can have your own farm to table grow!  It's not just all about vegetables either.. Grow Strawberries, blue berries and more!






These beds are made of Polypropylene, from recycled water bottles.  They are a very strong felt-like material that that breathes, providing oxygen to your plant roots.  Drainage is excellent and they even help keep plants warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  They will last for years in use.   

Instant Garden Beds are GREAT GIFTS for the Gardener in YOUR life!  

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