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The City Garden Complete Garden in a Box

The City Garden Complete Garden in a Box

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Easy to Grow Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers...

All in the box!  You get everything you need to grow the crops above from seed to harvest.  You can grow your tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers anywhere you have sun, on a deck or patio, balcony or lanai.   In the innovative City Garden Complete Garden Kit you get the following: 

  • Three 3 gallon grow bags complete with compressed coco coir growing media
  • 3 packets  of Tomato Seeds, Pepper Seeds and Cucumber Seeds  (1 of each )
  • Timed Release Fertilizer for your vegetables 9 packets
  • Seed germinating discs
  • Mini Greenhouse for germinating your seeds. 
  • Complete Instructions

Even if you've never grown a vegetable in your life, you'll find the City Garden to be a great way to start growing your own healthy produce.  No need to till, or pull weeds since all your vegetable plants are in their own self contained vegetable grow bag.  

The City Garden is a fun way to introduce kids to gardening as well.  They get to experience everything from the seeds germinating to  picking their own tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.