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Live Mulch Itsy Bitsy Wicked White (Sweet Alyssum)

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The Live Mulch “Itsy Bitsy Wicked White” is the all familiar and well loved Sweet Alyssum flower (Lobularia maritime). We take the tiny Alyssum seeds and embed them in our exclusive blend of growing media.  This blend of seeds and media is the perfect way to start your spring and summer gardens and ensures consistent seed distribution. The growing media protects and nourishes your seeds while they germinate and grow.  

Sweet Alyssum as a front line border plant will light up and define your flower beds with snowy white color.  It has dense growth habits that will deter weed growth too.  Using alone or in combination with higher background flowers will create a stunning bed of continuous bloom! 

Sweet Alyssum can be grown in part shade to full sun and will bloom continuously for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

To use simply shake up the Live Mulch container, open and sprinkle in the pattern you want for your border.  Itsy Bitsy Wicked White works great with Enroot's Seed Stitcher  for punching right through existing mulch or dead grass  to establish the planting holes you need for seeding your garden bed. Keep seeds moist during the germination process and water as needed once mature.

The Itsy Bitsy Wicked White Live Mulch covers up to 200 SF. Add some Wicked White and light up your pathways and borders today!