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Live Mulch Boogie Oogie Outa Site Orange (California Poppy)

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Enroot Products Live Mulch  "Boogie Oogie Outta Sight Orange" blend will make your landscape come alive with vibrant orange California Poppy flowers (eschscholzia californica).

We embed our seed into a special blend of growing media to create the perfect way to start your spring or fall flower garden. This blend of seeds & media ensures consistent seed distribution & a great start to your flower bed. The growing media protects & nourishes your seeds while they germinate & grow into the beautiful bed your neighbors will envy. California Poppy grows fast & will thrive in part shade to full sun, blooming continuously for 4 to 6 weeks. It readily reseeds & can be a perennial in some zones.

To use simply shake up the mixture in the live mulch container, open & sprinkle in the pattern you want for your garden bed. Boogie oogie Outta Sight Orange works great with Enroot Products Seed Stitcher. The Seed Stitcher, punches right through existing mulch or dead grass to establish the planting holes you need for seeding your garden bed. Keep moist while germinating & water as needed when mature. Boogie Oogie Outta Sight Orange live mulch covers up to 200 sf. Boogie down your flower beds today!