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Spongease MicroGreens Grow Kit

Spongease MicroGreens Grow Kit

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  • KIT CONTAINS: Three 7 x 7 Trays with Clear Plastic Lids for Staggered Growing and 3 - Microgreens Seed Packs and 3 - 100% natural Compressed Coconut Coir soil
  • NUTRIENTS: Microgreens pack as much 4 to 40% more nutrients than their fully matured counterparts and they best when harvested within 14 days!
  • ORGANIC – You are trying to be Healthy, you got organic seeds, now get our Coco Coir Soil is made from 100% natural Coconut Husk.
  • MAXIMUM WATER ABSORPTION – Optimal water retention means less number of watering. Enables rapid growth.
  • COMPOSTABLE- All natural organic material is completely compostable and minimizes environmental impact.