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SPONGEASE Coco Coir Brick, Makes 2 gals Potting Soil for seedlings, Rooting, Vegetables, Berries, Roses, Orchids, House Plants, hydroponics, Worm Farms, Animal Bedding

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Description :

SpongEase is made of porous coconut fiber so plants can breath easier and absorb more water and nutrients. Plants live longer and healthier because the roots won't rot, the number one reason for plant failure when using conventional potting soil.


  • Just Add water- Expands to 2gal of the Perfect Potting Soil
  • Delivers vital oxygen to your plants
  • Organic and Renewable
  • Plants Love it- Neutral PH and low salt content
  • Used by professional growers
  • Specifications

    • Brand Name: SPONGEASE