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SpongEase Coconut Coir Compressed Block expands up to 18.7 Gallons (2.5 Cubic Feet) - Ideal Growing Medium for potting mix - Healthy roots, Healthy plants and Bountiful Harvest

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SpongEase 5kg (11 lb) Blocks are made from coconuts husks and compressed for shipping. These 5kg (11lb) blocks expand to 2.5 cu feet of quality soilless growing media. That's close to 15 gallons of potting soil!  Grow seeds, cuttings, flowers, vegetables. "Coco Peat" is a very popular growing media for hydroponics, mushroom cultivation, micro greens and worm farming.  Just put your block into a large container (like a wheel barrow)  Slowly add about 5 gallons of water and watch as the block expands into 2.5 cu ft of fluffy airy growing medium. Coir is an inert product and needs fertilizer.  Use with your favorite or blend with rich compost and your favorite amendments. It is excellent to use as a soil amendment to improve all soils types.