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Live Mulch Good and Plenty (Cosmos)

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The Live Mulch "Good & Plenty" blend will take your flower beds & borders to new heights with its pretty cool colors! Good and Plenty features the all time favorite cosmos seeds (cosmos bippinatatus) in a proprietary blend of growing media that makes it easy to create a beautiful flower garden. Our blending process ensures consistent seed distribution while protecting & nourishing your seeds while they germinate & grow into a beautiful bed of flowers that your neighbors will envy!

Cosmos grows fast and will win you over with its beautiful mixture of flower colors that range from white to lavender to deep magenta. As a taller flower, it looks great as a background and against fences & walls.

Good & Plenty Cosmos seeds works really nicely with it's sister: Itsy Bitsy Wicked White Alyssum in the foreground  It grows readily in zones 3 to 10 & can reseed time & again. It will thrive in part shade to full sun. Keep moist while germinating & water as needed when mature. By the way, this Live Mulch Cosmos blend works great with Enroot Products Seed Stitcher.  The Stitcher punches right through existing mulch or dead grass to establish the planting holes you need for seeding your garden bed. Good & Plenty Live Mulch will cover 100 sf with dense color. Get your garden growing with Good & Plenty  Live Mulch today!